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Student Life/Student Support

We support student life from various aspects.
Busy but fulfilling student life in Manwa

Annual Schedule

Cherry blossom
viewing party
Physical checkup
Emergency drill
Career guidance
Examination for
Japanese University
Admission for
International Students
Japanese Language
Proficiency Test
Summer vacation
Midterm examinations
Examination for
Japanese University
Admission for
International Students
Japanese Language
Proficiency Test
Winter vacation
1JanuaryNew Year!
Speech contest
Term-end exam
Student recital
Graduation ceremony

  • Cherry blossom viewing party

  • Japanese Language
    Proficiency Test

  • Orientation

  • Speech contest

  • presentation of learning

A school day for a student

Arrival at school.
I usually arrive at school 15 minutes before the class starts.
Start of class
I will be able to acquire the four skills of Japanese: "reading" "writing" "listening" and "speaking".
End of class/lunch
There are many restaurants around the school. After lunch, I talk with friends at Utsubo Park near the school or study at the school library.
Part-time job
There are many restaurants and convenience stores in the vicinity of the school in the business district, and the Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street, which attracts many foreign tourists, is nearby, making it easy for part-time jobs.
Return home
I eat dinner, review the class and prepare for tomorrow.
Going to bed
I will get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow's class.

Cultural experience

In order to experience a variety of Japanese cultures, we offer a cultural experience learning
※ Depending on the course and experience, participation fee may be required.

  • Kimono wearing

  • Calligraphy

  • Tea ceremony

  • Festival
    (Bon Odori Dance)

  • Temples
    (Visiting temples)

  • Making Takoyaki

Student Support

Before Entry

Choosing a residence to live in Japan is very important. In this school, we introduce the residence for foreign students by affiliated company (real estate company). We will introduce a room according to your request and support you until you move into the room when you enter Japan.

While enrolled

Support for Advancement to Higher Education
The class teacher gives regular counseling and supports the decision to go on to higher education while checking the learning situation of each student. If you have any concerns, please consult us anytime.
Also, from the 1st year of the course, a "career lesson" will be given by instructors with experience in career guidance.
Together with your classmates, you will learn about the schedule for advancement to higher education, how to collect information, interview manners and how to write a statement of reasons for applying.
Life support
If you have any problems or concerns about life in Japan, you can consult with staff who can speak English, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese.
Part-time job support
If you have a working holiday visa or an overseas student who has permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted, we will help you find a suitable job. You can also take free classes such as how to find a part-time job and interview practice.

After graduation

For those who want to find a job in Japan in the future, we will provide free support for Japanese language schools such as revision of resumes, interview guidance, and writing business emails.