Manwa Educational Group, Inc.Manwa International
Education Institute

School introduction

messageThrough Japanese language education, we aim to foster
internationals who can truly play an active role in Japan.

Manwa International Education Institute aims to foster internationals who can truly play an active role in the world and the international community by understanding the Japanese language, Japanese society and culture through our Japanese language education.
Students from various countries and regions with diverse backgrounds study together, understand each other, and interact with each other, thereby building the foundation of an international citizen and working actively for the future. We will establish an educational environment and implement Japanese language education.

We believe that it is very important to acquire solid Japanese language skills and communication skills at institutions of higher education and beyond, where the Japanese language will not be a barrier, rather than a goal to decide where to go on to study. We will continue to promote education that fosters independent working people.

Students who want to study in Japan should strive for achieving their wishes and hopes by learning Japanese. On the other hand, you may feel very anxious about leaving your home country and studying in Japan. We are prepared to accept your hopes, wishes, and concerns, and to think together and support you while facing them.
All lecturers and staff members of the secretariat, who have abundant experience, solid skills, and enthusiasm, look after and nurture all students. The Manwa International School of Education wants to be a school where teachers and students are close to each other.
Nothing would make me happier than if your learning at the Manwa International Education Institute would be a great step toward realizing your dreams and hopes, and a solid foundation for self-realization.
The entire faculty members are looking forward to seeing you and learning together.

Manwa International Education Institute PrincipalYukitsugu Furui

Introduction of facilities

This is a guide to the school building of Manwa International Education Institute.
We provide advanced facilities for a comfortable learning environment.

2FLoungePlease use it for consultation or meeting with the lecturers.

2FOffice and reception deskIf you have any questions, please come anytime.

3FClassroom 1

3FClassroom 2

4FClassroom 3

3FLibraryYou can study and read Japanese.

6FRooftop loungeYou can use it for events, etc.

AppearanceIt is a six-story building, and from the second floor to the sixth floor are all our school buildings.

Facility guide video



1-5-17, Nishihonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Nearest station
Subway Midosuji Line, Chuo Line, Yotsubashi Line, Hommachi station, Exit 24

Location called Osaka

Osaka is the second largest city after Tokyo. It is very lively and famous as a tourist spot. It is a city with many attractions such as history, culture and food. Also, there are many universities and vocational schools, so you have more choices to go to. It has easy access to Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe, and is a convenient place to go to school and to go sightseeing.
Honmachi, where our institute is located, is the center of business in Osaka and there are many offices around it. Also, if you walk for about 5 minutes from the school, there is a big park called Utsubo Park, which is located in a very good place to deepen communication with friends. It's close to the station and the best place to go to school.Why don't you learn Japanese and Japanese culture together in Osaka, a place full of Japanese culture?

Utsubo Park
A park in Osaka's business district. There are many stylish cafes and a variety of stores nearby.

Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street
A shopping street with a variety of stores ranging from a long-established store that has been open for 100 years to the latest fashion clothing stores.

From the Edo period to the present, it is a typical downtown of Minami, Osaka that is crowded with playhouses and restaurants.

Osaka Castle
The symbol of Osaka 'Osaka Castle'.There is a large park around here,you can enjoy Nature,sports and events.

Universal Studios Japan
Opened in 2001, this theme park represents Osaka where you can enjoy the world of universal movies.

A steel tower built in 1912 as a symbol of the New World. More than 1 million people visit every year.