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Education Institute

Corporate Japanese training

A variety of courses and curriculums are available to
accommodate each objective and learning period.

Japanese language training at the
Manwa International Education Institute

We solve issues related to Japanese language training for company employees.

Do you have any trouble such as hiring foreign employees but feeling lacking in Japanese ability in them, or wanting them to understand the basic manners of your work, or not knowing how to teach Japanese? Manwa International Education Institute to the needs of companies and offers customized training programs.

Recommended in such cases
  • We want them to learn practical Japanese that can be used at work.
  • We want to keep track of learning and progress of the foreign employees as an organization.
  • We had our foreign employees take a Japanese language trainingcourse before, but We were not satisfied with the result.

Suggestions and implementation of Japanese language training


Proposing learning plans based on pre-training level checks and interviews

The lecturer in charge will conduct a hearing with the person in charge of the company and the participants. We will ask you about your work and goals and propose an efficient learning plan.
Setting short-term goals and clarify where you are going. By conducting self-assessments of students and evaluations by instructors in each lesson, and by managing the progress of the learning, you can steadily advance toward the final goal.
Our institute staff will also provide support in languages other than Japanese, such as Chinese and Vietnamese.

During the
course of

According to your request, we will give you lessons that suit your work scene.

【Lesson Example】
  • Telephone
  • Internal meeting
  • Presentation
  • Report, contact
    and consultation
  • Customer service
  • Company profile
  • Explanation of
    meeting materials
  • Internal and
    external mail
  • In company
  • Presentation
  • Preparation for
    Japanese Language
    Proficiency test

※ Besides conversation lessons, we also offer lessons such as preparation for exams and writing emails.
※ 1 Lesson is set for 45 minutes.

Flow of Japanese language training

  • Practice a model phrase that fits your situation.
  • As you role-play the phrases you learned, practice repeatedly until you can speak naturally.
  • As you increase the number of phrases, you will acquire the power of application.
  • Pronunciation and mistakes will be taught carefully on the spot.
  • Experienced instructors carefully coordinate the lesson procedures and flexibly review the learning plan according to the progress.

Report to the Company

We will regularly report our "Evaluation List" to your company staff.
By using the "Evaluation List" which describes the course and daily goals, we can report the status of the study to your corporate staff in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, we will review the learning plan flexibly by hearing from your side that how participants are doing in the workplace.

Goal setting and evaluation in Japanese language
learning at Manwa International Education Institute

We evaluate exchanges in Japanese in various scenes with the statement "capable of...".
By sharing the progress of the lessons with the participant, your company staff, and lecturers, we can make steady progress toward final goals.

Examples of Training Plan Proposals

Model 1manager level in Japan, Japanse Beginner level

Being able to give a simple greeting.
Being able to read hiragana.
Attainment target
To acquire the Japanese language skills necessary for daily life.
Basic customer service becomes possible.
Contents of learning
Using the model dialogue sentence of the textbook, the class mainly focuses on "listening and speaking" of the daily conversation.
Learn the phrases and manners you need to serve customers.
You learn it while playing some roles.
3 Months
[45 minutes x 45 times (3 times a week)]

Model 2New Graduates, N2 Level
Japanese Language Proficiency

Acquisition of JLPT N2
There is not inconvenience in daily conversation.
Attainment target
I want to be able to express my opinions in presentations and meetings. I also want to learn the expressions necessary for discussion.
Contents of learning
Based on interviews with your company staffs and colleagues about the theme of the meeting and the Japanese language skills required for presentations, students will learn common expressions.
The instructor acts as a boss or co-worker and provides practical training.
2 Months
[45 minutes x 10 times (twice a week)]

Flow from pre-training to completion

  1. 1Contact Us
  2. 2We will conduct a
    hearing investigation.
    (Company staff and trainees)
  3. 3Lesson plan propsals
  4. 4Trial Lessons
  5. 5Application for membership
  6. 6Start of lessons
After the lesson starts
  • We will regularly report on the progress of the study.
  • 上We would like to ask your boss and your colleagues to evaluate your work.
    ①Evaluation of the lesson and ②Evaluation at the workplace allow flexibility such as a modification of the program.